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With our innovative restaurant management software you can choose to be among the tens of thousands of happy clients we have. The addition of this effective software can be a big time saver in your business, and can help in reducing the possible human errors to a negligible value. Easy Resto allows you to easily order food remotely by using tablets by either stewards or customers directly. It is very well designed for both touchscreen and keyboard usage, It enables users to order their takeaway food from tablet or KIOSK counters. It features a unique delayed ordering system, and mapping of stewards to a particular table. It also allows users for table switching or grouping as per their convenience. Splitting your bills with your friends is also easier when you use easy resto.
The billing and collection service makes it even easier for restaurant to get a configurable bill, with taxes and added service charge as per the requirement of the restaurant. It allows the restaurant to generate bills for bulk orders with ease. Comprehensive cash settlement option and facility to operate Cash Drawers also ensures a smooth and effective operation, according to your business needs. Here are few of the benefits of using our Easy Resto POS Solution:

1. Food Ordering

Food Ordering / Takeaway / Parcels using 15ÔÇÖÔÇÖ Touch screen by Counter Staff/Cashier, Takeaway / Parcels Order Management, Party Orders Management, Dynamic Item Availability Update Facility, Item Cancellation Facility, Special/Additional Remarks at the time of Food Ordering

2. Billing / Collections

Management of Multi-Pricing of Items Takeaway, Configurable Bill Generation Setup, Bill Discount Facility, Credit Bill Mapping, Cancellation of Bills, Bill Collection through Cash/Card/Vouchers etc. Party Order Billing Management, Takeaway / Parcel Charges Management, Support for Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers


3. POS Reports

Product wise Sales Statement, Shift wise Sales Summary, Bill no wise Sales Statement, Day wise Collection Summary, Cancelled KOT Details, Discount Summary, Group/SubGroup wise Sales Summary, Day and Month wise Bill Summary, Cancelled Non-Chargeable / Credit Bill Details.


Easy resto also provides a whole new idea of kitchen planning and production where you get all the necessary instructions and recipe for making a delicious and remarkable cuisine, according to the order by your customers. Our wonderful team of technicians will always be pleased to demonstrate our product to you, please give us a chance to show our little gratitude towards our clients by having an absolutely free demo, right on your doorsteps.

Easy Resto Point of Sales
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