Shangri La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa-Al Bandar

Located in the serene town of Muscat in the tranquil country of Oman a grand luxury five star hotel sits in the middle of the turquoise calm but deep Oman Sea and majestic rocky mountain ranges. This generally hot region is ideal for a guaranteed bright vacation throughout your stay. The catchy and contrasting scenery will give you an unmatched experience. This is due to the fact that the hotel is facing the sea having a beautiful beach where you will enjoy the calming and cool sea and land breeze. Majestic and rugged mountains lie behind the hotel giving you an enjoyable scenery whichever direction you turn.
A visit to this hotel village will give you and option of choosing one of the three resorts; either the Al Waha, Al Bandar or the Al Husn hotel. You can also enjoy a wonderful and relaxing time at Chi the spa, the heart of the resort.
Chi the spa is a leafy area in the resort that offers a completely new experience. From its name having its origin in China, the Chi spa is meant to provide a private and luxurious free and peaceful space with top notch body relaxation facilities. The experienced staff will guide you through a wide variety of physical therapies including relaxing massages, hydrotherapy stretching and even mental techniques such as meditation, a clear indication of the spaÔÇÖs Chinese roots. An experience here will leave you invigorated and feeling like a new person.
The dinner services are exemplary with a range of different cuisines from different regions all over the world making it possible to enjoy your local and other exquisite meals from a range of many differently themed restaurants.
There are a many bars and lounges some with opulent poolside luxurious settings serving the signature cocktails you enjoy at home.

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