Presentation tips for managers

A managerial position comes with a lot of responsibility and maybe rewards. So unlike other employees on a lower strategic level, a manager is expected to provide top notch pitches and presentation to the directors, owners or any other relevant stakeholders.
This therefore creates the need of the presentations to be of high standard and high quality to satisfy their intended functions. I will list some tips that will guide you as a manager in delivering that important presentation to your seniors.
Focus on the intended results
As you make that presentation, make sure that you have been well informed on what exactly your seniors wanted to know. Make this the target of your presentation. The key point here is being able to respond and to answer all the questions that your audience has in mind and expects to be answered.
Make this professional
Keep in mind that this is a professional presentation. Get to the point and avoid being indirect. Make sure that you keep their valuable time in mind, this means that unlike a speech where you may include jokes, your presentation needs to have a serious tone.
Know your audience
Maybe there will be a major stakeholder among your audience. Or that decision maker from that company you want as your client. Research about them and get information from any available source. Know what to expect and be prepared for it. Make sure you also maintain eye contact. Remember the rest of your audience and pay close attention to them too.
State facts
As a rule of the thumb, you should be able to prove what you say. It is therefore important to carry every relevant document. Make sure that the use of filler words is minimal. They portray uncertainty and lead to your clients being doubtful of your information.

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